2021 Chinese New Year Celebration

Preserving One Town’s Chinese New Year Celebration

Preserving One Town’s Chinese New Year Celebration

Presented by Jeresa Hren and U.S. Bank

U.S. Banker Jeresa Hren stepped in to help this rural Oregon town maintain its Chinese heritage.

The foundation of the Chinese New Year rests on family and tradition, but sometimes traditions and culture are in danger of being forgotten.

Although Chinese-American residents have a long history in Jacksonville, Oregon, the town was at risk of losing its connection to that heritage, especially its Chinese New Year celebration – until Jeresa Hren stepped in. Hren, a U.S. Bank advisor, is one of many people working to help preserve the history and important contribution of Chinese settlers in her hometown.

As an active member of the board of directors for the Southern Oregon Chinese Cultural Association, she has helped introduce the community to culture through artistic performances, cuisine through cooking classes and learning through remembering the history and contributions of settlers.

Jacksonville is enriched, especially during Chinese New Year, because of Jeresa and SOCCA’s work to bring appreciation, engage the community in dialogue and provide activities that promote understanding and respect.

Jennifer Fredrick is a member of U.S. Bank’s public affairs and communications team.

Originally published: https://www.usbank.com/newsroom/stories/preserving-one-towns-chinese-new-year-celebration.html

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