2015 Year of the Ram Chinese New Year Celebration

February 7, 2015 | Jacksonville, Oregon

Year of the Ram Poster



8AM– Rambunctious 5K Fun Run – Under the leadership of our new Race Director Becky Grebosky, this family friendly run starts at the Bigham Knoll Campus. Get healthy and get moving. Advance registration recommended.

10:30 AM – Chinese New Year Parade – Lions, dragons, gongs, local students, pep bands and community groups will be joined by SOU Raiders, the 2014 NAIA National Football Champions, to welcome the Year of the Ram. The procession will also introduce lions danced by students from SOCCA’s Lion Dance Clinic. Parade begins at the intersection of Oregon Street and Main Street in downtown Jacksonville. Community groups are welcome to strut their stuff. Sponsored by U.S. Bank.

12PM – 12:45PM (repeats at: 1PM – 1:45PM) “Oodles of Noodles” – Cooking Demonstration and Sampling: Yvonne Chong from Your Cup of Tea in San Francisco, will demonstrate how to make Chinese inspired noodles with everyday ingredients from your pantry. This will be presented at the Bella Union Restaurant & Saloon, Second Floor, 170 W. California St. Admission is $5. Tickets are available at the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, or at the door if available.

11:30AM – 1PM Brush Calligraphy 書法 – Unique to Asian cultures: the ink, flexibility of brush, and absorptivity of the rice paper, produce an infinite variety of styles and forms and often thought to reveal the character of one’s personality. Fuyou Long 龍伏佑, graduate of Wuhan University and People’s University in China and a published author will give an introduction and demonstration, in the Naversen Room at the Jacksonville City Library.

11:30AM – 12:30PM Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land – a talk presented by Oregon Shakespeare Festival about their upcoming U.S. Premiere, when internationally acclaimed Taiwanese playwright Stan Lai will direct his 1986 masterpiece. A play in which two tales intertwine in a retelling of a Chinese fable and a poignant story of a separated couple because of China’s 1949 revolution. At Historic Presbyterian Church Sanctuary (upstairs), 405 E. California St.

11:30AM -12:30PM Astrology: “The Year of the Wood Ram” –  In the Chinese Zodiac calendar, if you were born in 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991 or 2003, you would be a ‘ram.’  Fairness, compromise, and the arts are coming back in style. So what’s the year like for you?  Ken Bendat, Chinese scholar and doctor of Chinese medicine, reveals amusing and insightful perspectives of the year to come. At Old City Hall, corner of Main and Oregon St.

12PM – 2PM Kenpo kungfu – Grandmaster Sijo 師祖 David Day of Shui Bing Fa 水冰法 Kenpo Kungfu returns to teach this very popular class. It was so well received in past years that he will be extending this program as a two hour participatory seminar. Come, enjoy and learn valuable self defense skills at the Historic Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall (downstairs), 405 E. California St.

12:30PM-1:30PM Movie Screening: “Lotus” – Enjoy this award-winning short film by Peabody Award winner and Oscar nominated filmmaker Arthur Dong. “Lotus” is a fictional film set in the Toisan village of Kay Lok. The story is about a woman in 1914 China with bound feet who must make a life changing choice while her husband is in America. Film runs 27 minutes. Kathy Greene, will present a brief introduction on the practice of foot-binding; an ancient Chinese custom originated by the upper class and adopted as a symbol of beauty. Location – Historic Presbyterian Church Sanctuary (upstairs), 405 E. California St.

1PM – 2PM Archaeology of the Jacksonville Chinese Quarter – Chelsea Rose will be talking about the site, artifact conservation efforts, new discoveries and much more. Check out the latest discoveries by SOU staff and students working on the large artifact assemblage from Jacksonville’s Chinese Quarter. This presentation will be in the Naversen Room at the Jacksonville City Library. Artifacts from the excavation will also be on display as a month long exhibit in the Jacksonville library front entrance.

1PM – 2PM  Chinese Medicine–  Acupuncturist and herbalist Ken Bendat will discuss how and why the ancient  art and science of using needles and herbs is experiencing a renaissance world wide – both as an alternative and complement to modern medicine. Location – Old City Hall, corner of Main and Oregon St.

2PM – 3PM “Searching for Gold Mountain” – The Chinese of Jacksonville presented by historian Larry Smith. In 1851, the “Gold First Found Here” mining site is as important to the cultural history of Jacksonville and the people of Oregon as the 1848 Sutter’s Mill gold discovery is to the people and history of California. This will be presented at the Naversen Room in the Jacksonville City Library. Weather permitting, the group will visit the “Long Tom” Sluice Box that was dedicated by Jacksonville as a Chinese Memorial Fountain.


  • Romp, jump and slide in our Dragon Jump House set up on the former Jacksonville (courthouse) Museum grounds (206 N 5th Street).
  • “Origami is Folding Fun” – Start with a square sheet of paper, fold it up to make animals, airplanes and more! Come as you can and Origami Master Matthew Medina will show you that this is fun for people of all ages, at the Art Presence Gallery, corner of 5th and ‘D’ Street.
  • Arts & Crafts – Lantern building, face-painting and many more activities. IOOF Hall, 175 S. Oregon Street.

SPECIAL EXHIBITION Pieces of the Past– artifacts recovered in 2013 by the Southern Oregon University Laboratory of Anthropology (SOULA) at the Jacksonville Chinese Quarter site. The exhibit will be geared towards illustrating the ways in which artifacts can shed light on daily life for the Chinese residents in 1880s. The Chinese Quarter excavations were funded by the City of Jacksonville and the Oregon Department of Transportation. Hosted at the Jacksonville Library foyer display, on exhibition until Feb.28.

3PM – FEATURE PRESENTATION “Red Panda Acrobats” 紅熊貓雜技 performed by Wayne Huey from San Francisco. Characterized by amazing skills of strength and extraordinary balance, Chinese Acrobatics was developed from the annual village harvest celebrations dating back to the Western Han dynasty over 2,500 years ago. Mr. Huey received his professional training at the Fu Hsing Acrobatic Academy in Taiwan, the Tai Yuan Acrobatic Troupe and the Shanghai Circus Schools in China. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this rare performance up close and personal. This program is made possible by a generous contribution from the Confucius Classroom at St. Mary’s School.

Opening Acts by Shaolin trained martial arts teachers at St. Mary’s School and Ashland High School

  • Tai Chi Fan Dance 太極扇 performed by Zhang Yan 張琰 and her students
  • Shaolin Kung- Fu 少林功夫 performed by Fan Dongfang 范東方 and his students

Presented at the Bigham Knoll Ballroom, 525 Bigham Knoll Drive.

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