2010 Year of the Tiger Chinese New Year Celebration

February 2010 | Jacksonville, Oregon


The Year of the Tiger, 2010, was celebrated in Jacksonville with much joy and anticipation. SOCCA was especially honored to welcome Maggie Gee, one of the two Chinese-American women who served as US Air Force pilots in World War II. She graciously talked about her book, Sky High-The True Story of Maggie Gee. The Dragon Arts Studio performed with their nationally acclaimed Chinese rod puppets. Ted Gong, a senior advisor to the Department of Homeland Security, talked about the history of Chinese Immigration to the US. Cheng Hongfeng, the personal bodyguard to the Abbot of the Shaolin Temple, demonstrated the martial arts practiced by the famous fighting monks of the the Shaolin Temple. The traditional parade, children’s activities, cooking demonstrations, calligraphy, music, and acupuncture demonstrations added to an exciting day full of activity.

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