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Schedule of Events for Feb. 8 2020

Downtown Jacksonville, OR

(schedule subject to change)

Chinese New Year Parade


Lions, dragons, gongs and community groups will ring in the Year of the Rat.  “The Mighty One” SOCCA’s 61-ft long dragon will come out of hibernation and strut down California Street and once again display his glory by launching an encore career in Jacksonville.  Students participating in SOCCA’s Lion and Dragon Dance Clinic directed by Master Wally Chow of the Portland based Northwest Dragon & Lion Dance Association 西北金龍醒獅團 will showcase their newly acquired dance and drumming skills.  The Lion and Dragon Dance Clinic was made possible by a generous Small Arts and Cultural Grant awarded by the Oregon Community Foundation.

Community groups are welcome to join the parade. Deadline: Feb.1, 2020. Register for the parade online >>

Children’s Activities

11:30AM – 2PM

Two Dragon Jump Houses on the City Hall grounds at 206 N. 5th Street for your kids.  Parental supervision advised.

Arts, Crafts and Games: lantern building, face-painting and games galore at IOOF Hall, 175 S. Oregon Street

Presentations and Live Demonstrations

At the Jacksonville Community Center

‘Great Room’ 160 E. Main St

Tai Chi Experience with Pete Leonards – relax while you tone and gently exercise your muscles. Tai Chi is an ancient and popular Chinese exercise for men and women of any age, incorporating balance, breathing and slow movements of the entire body while relaxing the mind.

Pete Leonards has been a popular Tai Chi instructor leading evening Tai Chi classes for many years for the Medford Parks and Recreation Department, the Medford Senior Center, the White City VA SORCC and the Jacksonville Community Center.  Admission $5: Tickets available at the door only.

11:30AM – 12:30PM Beginning Movements

Including: Lifting the Sky, Snow over the Mountain, Sparrow’s Tail, Cloud Hands

12:30PM – 1:30PM Intermediate Movements

Including: Parting Horse’s Mane, Brush Knee Twist, Play Lute, Single Whip

The Ciao Room at Bella Union Restaurant and Saloon

170 W. California Street

12:00PM – 1PM

Cooking Demonstration: Zao Shen’s Sweet and Spicy Ahi Poke – presented by Truffle Pig Craft Kitchen.  The family duo of brother and sister (Skyler Golden, and Shawna Williams) have created this dish utilizing the freshest ingredients from the Rogue Valley.  Chef Golden was Chef de Cuisine of the Driskill Hotel in Austin Texas prior to moving back to Oregon. Truffle Pig won Grand Champion at the Heart & Hops Food Truck Competition in May 2019. They were also voted the Best Food Vendor at the 2017 Ashland Culinary Festival. Admission: $5.  Tickets available at the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce Information Center (next to the Post Office) and at Rebel Heart Books, 157 W. California Street; or at door if available.

At the Old City Hall

Corner of Main Street and Oregon Street

11:30AM – 12:30PM

Gold Mines to Woodland Trails – Local historian, Larry Smith will share the story of how the Jacksonville Woodlands Association stitched together 21 historic properties, including the Chinese (gold-mine) Diggins, and established 16 miles of trails – all within its National Historic Landmark City. The Jacksonville trail system preserves some of the most historic gold mining sites in the state. Each property has its own unique story.  Weather permitting: may include an excursion and talk at the Long Tom Fountain.

Larry Smith has an engineering degree from Texas LeTourneau University and a Masters in Elementary Education from Southern Oregon University. Smith had taught at Jacksonville Elementary School for 33 years, where he developed a number of outdoor education programs and leads student field trips to Crater Lake National Park and to the goldmines of Historic Jacksonville. He presently serves as the Executive Director of the Jacksonville Woodlands Association and is a noted local historian.

At the Old City Hall

Corner of Main Street and Oregon Street

12:30PM – 1:30PM

Chinese Astrology talk: the Year of the Metal Rat –  Ken Bendat, Chinese scholar and doctor of Chinese medicine,  starts anew a 12-year sequence coming back to this ‘year’: the initiatory Metal Rat. What might be new and innovative this time around and what’s on the menu?  Last year’s ‘Year of the Earth Pig’ was about enjoying whatever you could about the fruition of the last 12 years; the Year of the Rat is a whole new ballgame.  Find out what it’s about in this amusing and insightful talk, and what might be the best way for you to negotiate your ‘fortune’.

Ken Bendat, L.Ac. has been a practicing acupuncturist and herbalist since 1987 and runs the “Center for Chinese Medicine” in Ashland, OR.  He has studied extensively with Liu Ming (Charles Belyea) for 30 years, which has aided greatly in understanding the historical precedents and wisdom behind astrogeomancy and the ancient study of Time, Fate, and Qi as known by the Daoist culture of Asia.

At the Jacksonville Public Library

Naversen Room  340 West ‘C’ Street

11:30 AM – 12:30PM 

Chinese Medicine’s Five Dimensions of Wellness – presented by Suzanne E. Sky, L.Ac. Explore the five elements and energetic systems of Chinese medicine and how they influence our physical, mental, and emotional health throughout the seasons. We’ll highlight herbs, essential oils, and nutrients to support respiratory and immune health throughout 2020.  And learn some Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help to flow into the Year of the Metal Rat as we start a new twelve year cycle.

Suzanne Sky is a Chinese medicine practitioner offering her services in Ashland and Jacksonville. She’s been involved with herbs, nutrition, and the healing arts since the 1970s as consultant, researcher, writer, teacher and practitioner.  Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient Japanese hands-on healing art with the same foundations as acupuncture.

At the Jacksonville Public Library

Naversen Room  340 West ‘C’ Street

12:30PM – 1:30PM

From Jacksonville to John Day: uncovering the history of Oregon’s early Chinese residents  – presented by Chelsea Rose. This talk will focus on the archaeological discoveries and artifacts that Southern Oregon University Laboratory of Anthropology (SOULA) has encountered on Chinese mining sites from across the state.

Chelsea E. Rose, MA, RPA (SOULA) has been studying the history of Chinese immigrants to Oregon for more than a decade. Chelsea will be sharing stories about her archaeological work in Oregon and her travels to China, and how a transnational perspective has allowed for a better understanding of the lives of the early residents in Jacksonville’s Chinese Quarter.

At Elan Gallery and Suites

245 W Main St

12 noon – 2PM

Brush Calligraphy (書法)- Unique to Asian cultures, the ink, flexibility of the brush and the absorptivity of the rice paper, produce an infinite variety of styles and forms and often thought to reveal the character of one’s personality.  Presented by Fuyou Long 龍伏佑, graduate of Wuhan University and People’s University in China and a published author will give an introduction and demonstration.

At the US Hotel Ballroom

Second Floor, 125 E. California St

11:30AM – 1:30PM

Chinese History in the Rogue Valley – exhibits made available by the Southern Oregon Historical Society showing early Chinese migrants in their work, recreation activities and festival celebrations.  Exhibits also include a number of photographs taken by Jacksonville’s renowned resident Peter Britt.

At the US Hotel Ballroom

Second Floor, 125 E. California St

11:30AM – 1:30PM

Chinese music by Who’s Hu – the ensemble will introduce a number of Chinese instruments as the pipa (Chinese lute 琵琶),xiao (flute 簫), dizi (bamboo flute 笛子), erhu (2-string fiddle 二胡), dungchen (Tibetan horn 法号), etc.  Stephen Berman, Stephen Bacon, Alex Buctenica et al is an occidental group which had been performing Chinese music under the name of Who’s Hu.  They are appearing by special popular request and will present Chinese music and songs.

At the Bigham Knoll Ballroom

525 Bigham Knoll Drive

A Magic Show: Calvin Kai Ku’s “Lunar Illusions”

The Lunar New Year brings a sense of mythical wonder and festive anticipation. Magician Calvin Kai Ku will both illuminate yet mystify you with flying red envelopes and mystical flames to tickle your curiosity of the magical new year. Admission: $5.  Tickets available at the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce Information Center (next to the Post Office) and at Rebel Heart Books, 157 W. California Street; or at door if available.

At Southern Oregon University

1250 Siskiyou Blvd, Ashland, Oregon

The cultural significance of coins used by Chinese immigrants in Oregon – is an exhibition displayed by Honor Students Katherine Hardenbergh and Quinn Steele of the Southern Oregon University Laboratory of Anthropology, featuring local Chinese immigrant history.  Viewing is free February through March at Taylor Hall 2nd Floor, SOU during open hours.

Parade Registration

Registration must be submitted by January 31, 2020.

Registration is closed for 2020.

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Thank you to the following for furnishing SOCCA with Chinese lantern-kits:

1. 交通部觀光局
Taiwan Ministry of Transportation and Communications Tourism Bureau

2. 台北市政府交通局
Taipei City Department of Transportation

3. 中華民國僑務委員會西雅圖華僑文教服務中心
Seattle Office, Overseas Community Affairs Council, Republic of China.