Southern Oregon Chinese Cultural Association Presents

2023 Year of the Rabbit
Lunar New Year Celebration

January 22, 2023

Welcome from the SOCCA board

As we celebrate the lunar new year, the Year of the Rabbit, SOCCA board members are excited about sharing our celebration and wonderful resources on our website.

Special thanks to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco for contributing to our remote celebration.

Enjoy a prosperous and happy new year.

Debra Fee Jing Lee
Board President

Activities & Programs Courtesy of The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco

Courtesy of the Asian Art Museum

New Year’s Celebrations: China

Learn about rituals and traditions of the Chinese Lunar New Year.

How do you celebrate the beginning of a new year? Many people celebrate the new year on December 31st and January 1st, but in many Asian countries, including China, the Lunar New Year is also observed—as a time for thinking about the past, honoring our ancestors, and making preparations for a successful year to come…

Chinese New Year Parade 2011, San Francisco, California. Courtesy of the Asian Art Museum.

Watch a Lunar New Year story about a beast named Nian courtesy of the Asian Art Museum

Nian the Beast: A Lunar New Year Story

Asian Art Museum Storyteller, Leta Bushyhead, tells a lunar new year story with works of art from the museum’s collection.

Video courtesy of the Asian Art Museum

The Dragon’s Pearl

Asian Art Museum Storyteller, Miriam Mills, tells a story that explains why dragons are often depicted holding or chasing round objects covered in flames in Chinese art.

Coloring pages courtesy of the Asian Art Museum

Lunar New Year Zodiac Animals: Coloring Pages

The zodiac is based on a 12-year cycle and each year is linked to an animal. It’s believed that the animal that rules your year of birth influences your personality. It’s sort of like astrology. Do you know what your animal is? It depends not only on the year in which you were born, but which date as well (in fact, even the hour of your birth is of utmost importance!). Discover your animal and see if the description is accurate.

Chinese Cultural School Presentations

Chinese Cultural School Presentations

Virginia LeRoux Silbowitz, retired ELL teacher from the Medford School District, is available to be a guest speaker in Rogue Valley Classrooms

The presentation includes “Chinese New Year Traditions” with traditional foods in family gatherings,Tray of Togetherness, Lunar animals, Red Envelopes (lay see, hung bao), Dragon & Lion dances, lanterns, good luck symbols, and Read Aloud stories.

Contact Virginia Silbowitz directly with this email:

News & Updates

NY Times Article

Overlooked No More: When Hazel Ying Lee and Maggie Gee Soared the Skies

Maggie Gee was our Grand Marshall at the Jacksonville parade in 2010. She also did a book talk about her true story in “Sky High.”

The other Chinese American woman featured in the article was Hazel Ying Lee from Portland.

These two women were the only Chinese Women Air Force Service Pilots in World War II.

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