2021 Chinese New Year Celebration

Children’s Puppet Show

Puppet Show: “How the Zodiac Came to Be”

Story by Jeff Carter, Presented by Virgina Silbowitz

This Puppet Show “How the Zodiac Came to Be” is about the Chinese Zodiac which has twelve animals representing each year of a twelve year cycle. In this story, the Jade King invites the animals on Earth to his palace for a feast. Afterwards the twelve animals compete in a race to determine their order in the Zodiac. The clever rat came in first followed by the ox, tiger, hare, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and finally the pig.


“How the Zodiac Came To Be” By Jeff Carter

Scene 1- Palace of the Jade King
Scene 2- At the river
Jade King: Virginia Silbowitz
Zodiac Animals
Rat: Grace DeRosier
Ox:   Pepper Barnard
Tiger: June Barnard
Hare:  Daisy Barnard
Dragon: Nicole Compeau
Snake: Luke Oliva
Horse: Daisy Barnard
Ram: Luke Oliva
Monkey: Ryder Hatch
Rooster: Tate Oliva
Dog: Tate Oliva
Pig: Pepper Barnard

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