2021 Chinese New Year Celebration

“Hidden Meanings in Chinese Art” presented by Asian Art Museum

Feb 13 at 12:30pm PST | Registration Required

“Hidden Meanings in Chinese Art” presented by Asian Art Museum

Presented on Feb 13 at 12:30pm PST

Presentation was NOT be recorded. This was a live-only event. 

Bats, gourds, peaches, and monkeys on horses. These images, and many others, are frequently – and artistically – depicted in Chinese art, but what do they mean? Discover some of the fascinating and fun meanings and messages hidden in Chinese art.

As the Chinese language is an exquisite conduit for rebuses (visual puns) and symbolism, motifs that appear in Chinese art often represent wishes for good fortune and auspicious messages. Join us as we decipher hidden meanings of prosperity, health, and happiness throughout traditional Chinese art. Presented by the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco Community Speakers Program.

Bats, peaches, ducks, ribbons, monkeys, horses. What do they all mean? Using selected objects from the fabulous collection at the Asian Art Museum come learn to unravel some of the hidden messages within Chinese art in this fascinating and fun talk.

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Meet Your Presenter, Yvonne Cheng

Born in the ancient city of Xian in China, I was educated in Taiwan before coming to the US for graduate school. After retiring from thirty plus years of lab research in Molecular Biology, I became a docent at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco and also the Cantor Art Center at Stanford. My curiosity about science manifests into a passion for art, especially about the inspiration and processes of art creation. Sharing the museum experience with a wide range of visitors is one of the most rewarding parts of retirement life.